Is purchase ledger control account a debit or credit?

purchase ledger

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What is the purchase and sales entry?

Goods are those items in which a business deals. In other words, goods are the commodities that are purchased and sold in a business on a daily basis. Goods are denoted as 'Purchases A/c' when goods are purchased and 'Sales A/c' when they are sold.

To provide totals of debtors and creditors quickly when a trial balance is being prepared. • Sales ledger is also known as the sales sub-ledger while purchase ledger is also known as the purchases sub-ledger. As per the golden rules of accounting , liabilities are credited. In other words, the giver of the benefit is a liability to the one who receives it. You can see that the transactions which increase the balance of PLCA are credited & decrease the balance are debited.

Books of Original Entry

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In computerized systems, the general ledger posting is made automatically as each transaction is entered. • The final amount of the sales ledger is transferred to the sales ledger control account via general ledger.

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